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New Deal Skateboards - Knigge DSV HT Deck

New Deal Skateboards - Knigge DSV HT Deck

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Colour: Multi/Teal

Size: 8.6

New Deal Knigge DSV HT 8.6 Skateboard Deck
Resin 7 Construction

Width: 8.6" x Length: 31.8" x Wheelbase: 14.0"
Mellow Concave


Resin 7 Construction

  • 7-ply 100% North America Maple with Epoxy Resin Glue.
  • Individually Pressed, Stronger than industry standard 7-ply.

Why its Better:

  • Strong pop.
  • Long deck life.

30 Day guarantee against breakage. 90 Day guarantee against warpage." -

*Free black griptape included.

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