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Satori - Neen NADC Wheels 53mm 101A WHITE

Satori - Neen NADC Wheels 53mm 101A WHITE

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Add some spice to your setup with the Neen 53mm 101a skateboard wheels from the official Satori Movement and Not A Damn Chance collaboration! Neen Williams started NADC when he began to change his life around and we can see these wheels are about to change your setup around too. A white colorway is complemented by the food graphics on the sidewalls showcasing a chicken, an avocado, a steak, and even a lemon, all of which can be enjoyed at a higher-level with NADC's signature seasonings.

Product Details:

  • Neen 53mm 101a Skateboard Wheels from Satori Movement x Not A Damn Chance.
  • Signature Neen Williams pro model wheels.
  • White colorway with N.A.D.C and food graphic detailing on the sidewalls.
  • 53mm wheel sizing, 101a durometer hardness rating.
  • Set of 4 wheels included.
  • 100% high-quality urethane.
  • Imported.


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