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CND Snow and Skate

Home Mtn - One Day Pack

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When you go out on a snowboarding trip, whether you drive your own car, share a car with someone else, or take a bus or train... the means of getting there vary from person to person.

Each situation requires different elements, but the final point is always the same.

"Easy to use, original, different and cool.

With these concepts in mind, HOME MOUNTAIN was born as a transport gear brand.

We mix specifications that can withstand the hard use environment of the snowy mountains with innovative designs and ideas, and design with a focus on the essence of the product, not just its appearance.


One Day Pack

It is a multi-pocket backpack that can hold boots, helmet, outerwear, and accessories. It can be carried easily and compactly when traveling by train or sharing a friend's car.


Surface material: 1680D polyester (PVC coated)

Inner material: PE (water repellent)